Lake Baikal Tours

Please see below a list of all of our set tours. You can click on any of them to view a detailed day-to-day itinerary, photos, price for different group sizes and inclusions and exclusions. We can adjust them to meet your requirements. That includes transport type, accommodation level, activities and everything else. If something (like flights) is excluded from the price but you would prefer to include it, please let us know. We will always be willing and able to include anything and everything in the trip price.

Many people prefer to use our set itineraries as a starting block to build their own personalised trip. Feel free to use them for inspiration only. We will always be happy to tailor them, completely change them or create something entirely new based on your personal goals and requirements.

For guidance on which tours are good at different times of year, please visit the Seasons page. To search for tours 

based on your desired activity type, please visit the Activity Types page. There you can find information on everything that Lake Baikal has to offer. If you want to visit nomadic reindeer herders, there is a section for that. To organise a skiing expedition, there is a section for that. For those who want to study Buddhism or archaeological sites, there are sections for both of those.

Our VIP Tours page has information on more expensive and luxurious tours on yachts, helicopters and private planes. Film crews and photo-journalists may want to learn about the Media Services we offer.

If you cannot find what you want, please contact us to make your own suggestions or hear ours. If an expedition, film shoot or adventure tour is physically possible, we can organise it. We look forward to seeing you on Lake Baikal!

Tours to Lake Baikal