Spring comes at different times to different parts of Lake Baikal. In the south around Irkutsk, the snow and ice is melting by mid-April. In the north around Severobaikalsk people are still driving on the ice in early May! Up in the mountains, of course, snow can sometimes be found throughout the summer.

Spring is not usually considered the most beautiful time of year in Russia. Snow melts to form dirty sludge. It then disappears, leaving the world barren and brown before the first greenery and flowers reappear. However, on Lake Baikal spring is a really excellent time for wildlife trips. 


The first reindeer calves are born around April 20th, earlier than almost anywhere else in the world due to the microclimate caused by such a vast body of water. The bright white Baikal seal pups are born in May. They are very easy to spot out on the Ushkani Islands and elsewhere. In the taiga forest bears are awakening from their long hibernation.

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