VIP tours

For VIPs who prefer a high-comfort Siberian adventure, this is the place for you. We offer highly catered but extreme tours using the most luxurious transport and accommodation in the region. 

Do not think that adding comfort means less adventure. The opposite is true. Hiring our helicopters and yachts will open up spectacular places that are inaccessible to most travellers. 

For any of the set tours on this site we can change the transport mode from overland to helicopter. We can include all activity types on a helicopter or yacht itinerary. However, in the vastness of Siberia, there are also places only accessible by helicopter. We can hire the very best helicopters to take you to these places. You will find many on our Lake Baikal helicopter tour below.

The region has several top hotels. However, the only really luxurious 5* VIP option is the Baikal Residence on the lake’s northern shore. You cannot just rent a room in this place: you must book the whole complex. It is set in some of the region’s best scenery. It has breathtaking views on the lake and mountains. The service and facilities are world class. Experienced VIP travellers are always astounded that such luxury exists in

the depths of eastern Siberia.

Apart from transport and hotels we also have access to the best catering teams in Siberia. We can run banquets catered to the highest level in the remotest corners of the Baikal wilderness. Want tables and chairs carved out of ice on the lake surface? Done. Want caviar and champagne at the summit of the region’s highest mountain? Done. Want a tented banquet of local delicacies or Western treats overlooking Baikal’s most breathtaking views? Also done.

VIP travel, however, is not only about transport, hotels and catering. The main focus of any trip are the places and activities themselves. There are a number of ultra-exclusive activity types we can offer our VIP guests. Examples include ice diving on Lake Baikal, heli-skiing down the mountains that ring the lake, studying Baikal seals with scientists on remote islands and more. We can arrange to shoot cannon into mountains with special teams who cause planned avalanches to protect the railway. For a complete list of these activities please see the VIP helicopter tour below. The full tour is 20 days, but we can cut out certain activities and shorten it if needed.

Alternatively please get in contact to ask about other VIP options on Lake Baikal.


Lake Baikal VIP tours