The northern shore of Lake Baikal, with its towering mountains, is a trekker’s paradise. The eastern side of the lake has the Barguzin Mountains while the western side has the Baikal Mountains. The area has potential for both hours-long hikes on the lakeshore and serious multi-week expeditions on pioneering routes.

There are plenty of one-day treks, such as the 6-hour ascent of Mount Krugozor. This starts from Goudzhekit hot springs and provides a spectacular panoramic view of northern Lake Baikal. There are also plenty of multi-day hikes. One of the most famous is the week-long round trek to the alpine Lake Guitar. With its year-round snowy passes, titanic glaciers and endless waterfalls, this is Baikal’s world class trekking at its best.

A 14-hour overnight train ride east of Lake Baikal, we also offer treks in the Kodar and Udokan Mountains. This is really one of Siberia’s remotest and least travelled regions. The scenery is, however, nothing short of jaw-dropping. On top of that it is home to the most traditional reindeer herders in the region. One herd can have up to 3,000 reindeer. We organise trips for our guests to join them on their nomadic migrations.


The Kodar Mountains have one of Russia’s best-preserved, least visited and most beautifully situated gulag camps. Treks there involve skiing in winter or setting up a zip-line over a river in summer. Our guides are highly experienced at both. Once there, guests will get to marvel at wooden barracks, watch towers, barbed wire, equipment, mini railways and more. This is not a museum and even most locals do not know the location. Guards and prisoners alike abandoned it to the elements after Stalin died and its appearance has not changed since.

We also offer fully supported winter ski trekking itineraries. One of our skiing itineraries takes place in the mountains, the other on the frozen lake surface. These require a high level of fitness.

We offer all treks both with and without porters and cook. Every itinerary will have a button to flick between prices with or without. With or without a cook, you can supplement your diet by collecting berries and fishing if you desire.

Please view our set tours below, all of which include some trekking. Please contact us to design your own trek or expedition. We can suggest pioneering routes of any complexity.


Trekking tours on Lake Baikal