In winter snowmobiles open up inaccessible parts of Siberia. A good one can traverse snow that is too deep for all-terrain vehicles. It can drive up mountains or down river valleys that are too steep even for transport tanks. It is also a fun way to enjoy the great Siberian outdoors and extreme climate.

On northern Lake Baikal we run snowmobile tours on land from early November to late April. In the mountains the season starts in late November. Snowmobiling on the frozen lake surface is possible when the ice is thick enough. From late January to late April you can cross the northern part of the lake from east to west by snowmobile. In the south, around Irkutsk and Listvyanka, you can snowmobile on the ice near the shore in February and March. Further away from the shore there may be patches of open water.

Some of our set itineraries include east-west crossings of Lake Baikal by snowmobile. This is only possible on the northern part of the lake. Others use snowmobiles as the only viable way to access the tour area. Examples of these are our tours in the Kodar and Udokan Mountains.


We can organise tailored snowmobile expeditions from a few hours to a few weeks. The longest we have organised were six weeks. For such extreme expeditions we provide a support team and satellite phone. The whole route is coordinated with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Participants in such expeditions must have some prior experience. Those renting a snowmobile for a few hours or for one of our set itineraries need no experience. All guests, whether experienced or beginners, will receive personal professional instruction on how to drive and behave on a snowmobile.

You will need an international driving license and travel insurance that covers snowmobiling. We will provide a model of snowmobile (BRP, Arctic Cat, Yamaha or Buran) suited to snow conditions and terrain on your route. If you do not have your own helmet and clothing we can provide it. A snowmobile trip can be fun in any temperatures if you are properly clothed. If you are not sure whether your clothing is sufficient, we can advise.

Please contact us to book one of our set itineraries, ask a question or design a tailored trip.


Snowmobile tours on Lake Baikal