Horse riding on Lake Baikal

Our horse riding tours are a great way to experience northern Lake Baikal’s natural beauty. Hire our Russian Trotters or vyatka horses to explore the spectacular Great Baikal Trail. Follow routes that take in lake shore, beaches, mountains, taiga forest and fishing villages. Visit Buddhist datsans, Stone Age ruins and local Buryat shamans. Combine horse riding with hiking to reach alpine lakes and the best fishing grounds. Our horse handlers will ride with you and select an animal best suited to your abilities. They will ensure that both novices and advanced riders have a memorable horseback adventure in our great Siberian wilderness.

One of our set itineraries has two days on horseback and a stay at a simple local guest house. For shorter routes of two to five hours guests can, however, stay at more comfortable hotels in Severobaikalsk town. 


We also organise longer multi-day horse rides. There is even the nine day route from Nizhneangarsk to Khakusy with several river crossings. Alternatively there is the gentler five day route from Muzhinay via Kotelnikovskiy hot springs to Baikalskoe village. For those travelling the Trans-Siberian Railway, we run horse-riding trips from Listvyanka, not far from Irkutsk. Please get in touch to order a custom-made horseback adventure in this Siberian wilderness.

90% of our clients have no previous experience of horse riding so this is no problem on shorter routes. However, long distance multi-day rides do require a certain level of stamina. Please be sure, when getting in contact, to inform us of your level of horse riding experience and fitness. Please also let us know a bit about your other interests. We shall then be best placed to suggest the most suitable route based on your own requirements and goals.


Horse riding tours on Lake Baikal